Bio Greta Sesheta

Greta Sesheta was anointed with the name “Sesheta” in a Kemetic Study Group in honor of the ancient Egyptian goddess of writing and record keeping in 1993. The energy of the Divine Feminine is a powerful anchor for her work in the world. She is founder of 7-Pointed Star Ministries, an assemblage of seven spiritual modalities through which she ministers and serves: Preaching, Speaking, Teaching, Writing, Coaching, Counseling, and Healing.

An ordained minister since 2005 of Agape International Spiritual Center and Centers for Spiritual Living, she teaches, facilitates workshops, retreats, and teleseminars, and creates sacred ceremonies and ritual for individuals and organizations. She is the author of Calling in the Circle – Peace, Power Through Prayer and Meditation, Journal for the Journey, and Poems To Wake Up To. In addition to her spiritual focus, she often appears in movies, commercials, television and national print campaigns.

Ever enveloped in an atmosphere of prayerful awareness, Sesheta is an open, receptive and available avenue for the energy of health, healing, and wholeness. Her Vision is a world at peace populated by individuals who know they are divine expressions of One Life, and who honor and esteem all Life with intelligent thought, word and action.