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We are grateful for the nature of change and the infinite possibilities for good that it brings. This year we are excited to announce that we are going virtual! You can enjoy the retreat from the comfort of your own home.

Rickie Byars and Greta Sesheta invite you! Register today for the 22nd Annual Soul Sisters Retreat
“Sisters in the Sun”


Friday July 24, 2020 3:00 pm to Sunday July 26, 2020 3:30 pm

An Important Note to Our Sisters About This Year’s Retreat

If you’re like me, The Annual Soul Sisters Retreat is like your refueling station. You count on it every year to be the place you can go to leave all your daily concerns behind for a minute and connect with the power, love and collective wisdom that is the Soul Sisters. You never know exactly what is going to happen from year to year, but one thing you know for certain is that as long as you stay open and present, you can count on some form of soul stirring shift to occur over the course of the weekend. The kind of shift that can often feed you for a whole year. 

If it’s like that for you, then you’re probably quite rightly disappointed that you won’t be able to attend the retreat physically this year. And maybe the idea of another weekend of being on your computer doing Zoom calls sounds less than inspiring. I felt the same as you at first. How is this going to work? But then the Soul Sisters Planning Committee for this year got together and we realized this is yet another opportunity for fun, creativity and expansion!

With that in mind, we invite you to see this year’s 22nd Annual Soul Sisters Retreat in a brand-new way.  We hope that, just like every year, you will carve out time for this special weekend. That you will create the space to have a soul stirring weekend. Make those arrangements like you normally would do, to leave all your daily concerns behind. If you have the means, maybe even consider getting away and renting an Airbnb with a fellow sister. If finances are tight, then pick a special spot or corner where you live that can be your official retreat space. Either way, create that sacred space to retreat in and make it awesome (like Rev. Arlene would). Maybe even consider pre-planning your outfits. Pre-plan your meals (we’ll help you with the recipes and shopping list if you need it). Do everything you need to do ahead of time to ensure that this weekend can be focused completely on you and your communion with your Soul Sisters.

Yes, that communion will be through the computer rather than in person, but luckily we now have our very own private social media platform! So although we won’t physically be together, we’ll be together on many other very special levels. And you’ll be able to connect with and share with your Soul Sisters as much or as little as you like.

There will be opportunities to commune with the entire group via live interactive workshops and events, including some of your favorites like “Tell Mama” and our Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  Also an opportunity for intimate chats via breakout rooms (which will feel similar to when we break into small groups). And, of course, as much opportunity as you want to chat and share individually on the platform. You can take quiet time when you need to. You can jump in on the calls when you want to or choose to watch the videos later. You can stay in your PJ’s the entire time. The experience will be totally up to you and what you need and want. 

Our hope is that you won’t let COVID-19 get in the way of this important and special time for yourself. We trust that, instead, you’ll embrace this opportunity as a chance to take time out for your self-care and spiritual expansion, even if you do it from the comfort of your own home.  We welcome any and all of your thoughts and ideas about how to make this “Sisters in the Sun” Retreat even more awesome than it has always been! Together we can do anything. We are great, we are beautiful, we are One in God, we are Love. 

We are “Sisters in the Sun!”

Palisades CA 90272

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Cost: One Price includes all workshops and activities, a full year of membership to our Soul Sisters Today Social Networking Site (where you will access the retreat), delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes, and more.




 22 Year Legacy of Love

 Soul Sisters Women’s Retreat Themes

1999   Women Who Pray (and Play!) – Temescal

2000   Women Rockin’ on Higher Ground – Highland Springs

2001   Spirit Women, Mystic Daughters – Highland Springs

2002   Resurrecting with a Strut – Highland Springs

2003   Praying and Praising – Highland Springs

2004   Women Connecting Soul to Soul – Temescal

2005   Land and Stand with Loving Kindness – Temescal

2006   Lighten Up! We Are The Light – Temescal

2007   Our Time is Now! – Temescal

2008   Our Roots Run Deep! – Temescal

2009   Flower and Fly – Temescal

2010   A Woman Out of Time! – Temescal

2011   Return to Me – Temescal

2012   Celebrating What a Woman of Power Can Do – Temescal

2013    Our Loving Will Change the World – Temescal

2014    Sojourn to Truth – The Path That Leads to Light – Temescal

2015   The Spaces In Between – Temescal

2016   A Woman’s Gotta Have Bring It! – Temescal

2017  Remember! It’s All For You – Temescal

2018   Queen Up Your Act! – Temescal

2019   She’s My Sister – Temescal

2020   Sisters in the Sun – Virtual


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