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“As I Am” – 23rd Annual Retreat!

We are grateful for the nature of change and the infinite possibilities for good that it always brings. Last year we had an absolutely magical virtual retreat. Using our new Soul Sisters Today social media network, we gathered, sang, prayed, danced, anointed, connected, supported and celebrated ourselves.

This year’s retreat is sure to be just as fabulous! Our 23rd annual Soul Sisters Retreat is called, “As I Am!” And that’s exactly how we are all showing up – exactly as we are! The dates are Friday July 30 through Sunday August 1st .

The retreat will be virtual. That’s right! You can take part in the Soul Sisters Retreat right from the comfort of your own home. No need to book a flight, worry about special diet requirements or be concerned about sisters snoring in your cabin. 

We have all your favorite activities included like workshops, music, movement, meditation, yoga, nature walks, Tell Mama, sister sharing, getting and giving support, being inspired, making friends and having a great time doing it! One price covers everything and a non-refundable deposit holds your space. We know that whenever and however we gather, in person, virtually, or some combination thereof, it is always special, fulfilling, miraculous and beautiful, because we are together. 

Palisades CA 90272



 23 Year Legacy of Love

 Soul Sisters Women’s Retreat Themes

1999   Women Who Pray (and Play!) – Temescal

2000   Women Rockin’ on Higher Ground – Highland Springs

2001   Spirit Women, Mystic Daughters – Highland Springs

2002   Resurrecting with a Strut – Highland Springs

2003   Praying and Praising – Highland Springs

2004   Women Connecting Soul to Soul – Temescal

2005   Land and Stand with Loving Kindness – Temescal

2006   Lighten Up! We Are The Light – Temescal

2007   Our Time is Now! – Temescal

2008   Our Roots Run Deep! – Temescal

2009   Flower and Fly – Temescal

2010   A Woman Out of Time! – Temescal

2011   Return to Me – Temescal

2012   Celebrating What a Woman of Power Can Do – Temescal

2013    Our Loving Will Change the World – Temescal

2014    Sojourn to Truth – The Path That Leads to Light – Temescal

2015   The Spaces In Between – Temescal

2016   A Woman’s Gotta Have Bring It! – Temescal

2017  Remember! It’s All For You – Temescal

2018   Queen Up Your Act! – Temescal

2019   She’s My Sister – Temescal

2020   Sisters in the Sun – Virtual

2021   As I Am! – Virtual


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