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Welcome to 2021!

We’re so excited to be back with many wonderful activities.

Every second Thursday of the month we will be meeting on our amazing Soul Sisters Platform to for Soul Sister Thursdays where we can catch up, connect, and just be together (see links below to sign up or in order to go directly to the Site if you’re already a member). 

April 17th we are so happy to share our “Into the Bloom” event; a unique chance to be together in person and virtually for our Annual Soul Sisters Connect event. Please RSVP by visiting our Eventbrite Page HERE. And remember to join our next Soul Sister Thursday April 8, for details.

And of course, 2021 brings us another beautiful opportunity to be together for our Yearly Retreat, “As I Am”. Please visit our Retreat Page for details, and soon, to register. Registration will be open this Spring.


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